About Us


We focus on software solutions and web hosting services tailored to your needs.

We use the most up to date and technologically advanced methodologies to develop web and mobile applications ranging from simple CMS-powered websites to complex full custom web applications like advanced e-commerce systems or general management systems.

Indeed, we can adapt any system to our clients’ requirements!

We guide our customers from the inception of an idea to a complete product. Then, we provide total support, according to your needs.

In 2002, three IT professionals, each with a range of diverse and qualitatively different skills, experience a EUREKA moment! A recognition that we shared a common goal: the desire to provide software solutions in any context for any type of business.

Meet our awesome team members

Consalvo Cattuto

Developer & System administrator

Engineer, web software developer and teacher since nineties, in Catnic he works on web development, mobile development, system administration and training.

Eugenia Franzoni

Project manager & System administrator

Physicist with strong knowledge of Open Source technologies, she works as frontend developer, system administrator and teacher.

Gloria Goldin

Web Designer & Frontend Developer

Strong background in web design, she’s been captured by Catnic after attending a course with some of them as teachers. Now striving to become the best frontend developer in the world.

Monica Vecchiato


Graduated in industrial design, web designer with international experience, in Catnic she designs websites and interfaces for mobile applications









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